About us

Our Mission

The general purpose and objectives of the Corporation shall be:

(a) To promote and develop organized amateur baseball, including fundamentals, tball and rookie ball, in the City of Waterloo, including both (1) the development of the maximum opportunity for participation in recreational baseball and (2) the development of representative teams with high levels of competency;

(b) To help develop good character among players, and other members, by teaching the importance of the values of physical activity, good sportsmanship, social participation and good fellowship, and the fair treatment of others (with respect to the latter, there shall be no place in the Corporation for discriminatory behaviour with respect to race, place of origin, family circumstance, gender or creed); and

(c) Through the above, to help foster strong civic spirit among members of the Corporation and other community members who support the organization’s activities; 4 More specifically, the purposes and objectives shall be:

(d) To operate a recreational baseball program for youth within the City of Waterloo:

(e) To operate competitive (rep) baseball programs, in level(s) appropriate to the needs of players;

(f) To operate Inter-County Baseball Association baseball teams;

(g) To undertake activities to generate money for capital projects for the betterment of baseball parks and operations;

(h) To carry on such other activities as the Board of Directors may deem appropriate, consistent with the objectives of the Corporation.

Our Board

(updated November, 2023 following our Annual General Meeting)

President: Mark Schram

Treasurer/Secretary: Blaine Hertzberger

VP House League: Tammy Cumming

VP Competitive Ball: vacant

Program Director, Tier 1: Paul Ewart

Program Director, Tier 2: Adam Lawrence

Program Director, Jr. House League: Jim Ryder

Program Director, Sr. House League: Ken Vander Vleuten

SOBA Director: vacant

Umpire in Chief: Brent Matheson

Administrative Secretary: Janet Dupuis

ICBA Representative: Blaine Hertzberger

Registrar: Marc Schram

NCCP Coordinator: Darren Thomas

Award Committed Co-Chair: Debbie Schram